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Citrus Heights Hart organization and Mercy Holistic Ministry partnered to serve the unhoused

Mercy Holistic Ministry and Citrus Heights Organization joined hands together with ten local churches to serve the unhoused community. With the heart to serve this underprivileged community, the partners designed a ten-week program in Sacramento and Citrus Heights that runs from end of December in 2021 to end of February 2022.

Three times a week, on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Saturday’s mobile showers were provided together with haircut, clothing, food, toiletries, shoes and towels.

Berhanu Kumalo founded the Mercy Holistic Ministry together with his wife, Miheret Abebe. “Just in the last few weeks, we gave showers for 299 people and haircuts for 50 people. We not only provide goods and services but also create opportunities for dignified services, spiritual support and community interaction,” said Berhanu.

With about 25% of America's homeless population living in California, and more than 11,000 in Sacramento, such partnership becomes crucial in alleviating the problem of the unhoused community in the city and surrounding areas.

Mercy Holistic Ministry and the Citrus Heights Hart organization have been partnering since 2021. The partnership envisions to continue and grow with expanded services and locations in the upcoming months.

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