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Mercy Holistic Showers began offering precious waters of cleansing on January 7th at Advent Lutheran Church. The first client is named David. He was overjoyed to be offered the opportunity to be clean and expressed overflowing thanks to everyone associated with the Citrus Heights HART program. The Homeless Assistance Resource Team offered food, warming and counseling every week day for six weeks at five different churches through January continuing into February. Mercy Showers came once to every location offering showers.

When David crossed paths with the Mercy Showers four weeks later in February at Holy Family Catholic Church he was honored to be interviewed and shared his story. David was married for 23 years and had a good paying job in the IT industry. He fell upon hard times when his father passed away and his marriage dissolved. He lost his employment and was soon living in his car. When his car caught on fire he was truly destitute having no identification. Even his backpack was stolen and soon he found himself in jail.

Because of the Citrus Heights HART winter warming program David was able to find daily nutritional meals, get a haircut, and take a shower complete with new underwear, socks and toiletries. Through the professional assistance of a homeless navigator a room in a local motel was acquired. This assistance has helped David submit applications for new employment. David truly hopes that all people associated with the generous services provided by HART are thanked for their efforts. David beamed as he again and again stated that all involved in the HART program “have restored my faith”.

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