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Mercy Holistic Ministry partnered with Capital Christian Center to serve the Homeless Community

Mercy Holistic Ministry in partnership with Capital Christian Center served the Homeless Community in Sacramento with clothing, groceries and mobile showers on the 27th of February. A total of 75 homeless people benefitted from 100 bags of groceries distributed and 28 people took showers at 1236 C St while sharing the love of Christ.

Speaking at the shower giving event, Outreach Missions Pastor Armen Divanyan said, “We at the Capital Christian Center have broken hearts for broken people. We serve close to 200 homeless people every fourth Sunday where we give out groceries, blankets, socks, and food to the homeless community led by Capital men group. With Mercy Holistic Ministry we envision in establishing a transitioning home for full recovery and transformation of the unhoused population where building a shower station would be a major component of the service.”

Berhanu Kumalo, Founder of Mercy Holistic Ministry said, “Our mission is to provide holistic services to the homeless by showing the love of Christ, bringing peace and the good news of the gospel for the transformation of this underprivileged community.” The Ministry envisions to expand its services in 2022 to rehabilitate and develop God given skills and talents of this community.

With a passion for helping people who are in need, the Ministry started in 2008 by supporting 16 needy children in Ethiopia and now supports close to 507 children. The Ministry later expanded its services to include provision of hot showers, clean clothes, and hygiene kits to the homeless that has little to no access to basic shower services.

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