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Shaun's Journey: From Receiving to Giving

Three years ago, in our downtown mobile shower site for homeless neighbors, I met Shaun. He was a regular at our shower services. Our brief but profound conversation one day marked the beginning of a journey that would transform his life.

Shaun was waiting in line for his turn when I struck up a conversation. I asked if he was tired of his current life situation. He admitted he was, and our chat revealed that he had a talent for cutting hair. I told Shaun that if he was serious about making a change, I would bring the necessary haircutting supplies in two weeks.

Founder of Mercy Holistic Ministry, Berhanu Didanu (left), and Shaun, Barber at Mercy Holistic Ministry (right)

True to his word, Shaun showed up on the second Saturday, ready to volunteer. I provided all the equipment he needed, and his dedication was immediate and unwavering. After two months of offering his services voluntarily, we saw his potential and hired him as an employee of Mercy Holistic Ministry.

In the three years since then, Shaun and his fiancée, Weezy, have given over 1,000 free haircuts to people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento. Their commitment has not only provided a much-needed service but has also brought dignity and a sense of normalcy to those they serve. Shaun's transformation from a service recipient to a valued provider has been nothing short of inspirational.

The story of Shaun is just one of the many homeless people we serve. Over the past three and a half years, Mercy Holistic Ministry has provided showers to over 10,000 people, donated and maintained 200 bikes, and helped many individuals connect with job opportunities.

Your prayers and contributions have been instrumental in making these transformations possible. The journey of individuals like Shaun shows the profound impact that a helping hand and a listening ear can have. Donate today to support our work.

By Rev. Berhanu Didanu

Founder and Executive Director of Mercy Holistic Ministry


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