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Serving from Heart: My Sunday Diary

Updated: Jun 4

Mercy Holistic Ministry is known for providing mobile hot shower services for people experiencing homelessness. Homeless people also come to our site for clothing, food, haircut and counseling. Today was just another day for us and we did set up our mobile shower trailer ready for use.

An hour or so into our service Susan (name changed to conceal identity) came to our shower site. Marion Smith, our Site Supervisor, greets Susan and ask her if she wants to register for a hot shower. She replies, “I need a pair of shoes instead.” Susan was looking for a shoe to keep her warm and dry in this cold season. Marion went to look for her size from pile of shoes. He comes with a smile and shows Susan few. Susan quickly picked a pair of pink boots and went right away to try it. However, she was struggling to try it as she has some sort of disability limiting her free movement. Marion steps forward to help her put the shoes providing heartwarming assistance.

Mercy Holistic Ministry is not only about the services it provides. It is also about the warm caring relationship we build with the people we serve. Susan was grinning ear-to-ear and she felt as if she received the biggest holiday gift. Such an act of kindness is what encourages people to come to our site. It is also a fuel that keeps us going.

It is one thing to provide mobile shower service for our homeless neighbors. It is one step higher to step in to assist them, feel them dignified and valued. It is a heartwarming moment and the smile on Susan’s face says it all.

by Nardos Jiffaro


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