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This holiday season, let us think of our homeless neighbors!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

As a founder of Mercy Holistic Ministry, a Sacramento based non-profit organization that provides mobile shower services to the homeless, I believe everyone has something to give. Every act of generosity counts. What you might consider small can be huge to others.

Every Saturday and Sunday, when we are out on the street of Sacramento to provide hot shower services to our homeless neighbors, I feel honored that I can make a difference in the life of someone. We are not only giving shower, but we are also providing clean clothing, personal hygiene kits, food, haircut and counseling. Every week, between 50 to 60 clients get served by our organization. I say we provide dignified holistic services because for a person who has been sleeping on the street or in the car, the feeling of cleanliness and freshness boosts their confidence. It helps them to seek either temporary or permanent solution to the problem they are facing. Though it seems over simplified, I have seen a single shower creating an opportunity for a job interview and leading to a positive outcome.

As one of the few organizations providing such a unique service to the homeless, I am overwhelmed by the recent spike in the number of the homeless population in Sacramento. Estimates show that at least 9,278 people are homeless, and most of them are sleeping outside or in cars, according to the 2022 Point-In-Time Count.

While we need a comprehensive approach to respond to the issue of homelessness at large, we want to continue to serve where we can make a difference with an act of kindness. A dignified shower service and clean clothing lightens a day of a homeless person.

To continue what we do, we need your support and encouragement. I invite you to sponsor a shower or two for people experiencing homelessness. A sponsorship of a single shower costs $50. You don’t have to be a grand giver but can generously share what you have. Let us build a world upon love, care, and generosity.

By Berhanu Didanu

Founder of Mercy Holistic Ministry

Ways to Donate

1. Scan the QR code to donate

using your card, Cash App Pay or GPay

2. Send money through Zelle by scanning the QR code or using our email

3. Make checks payable to Mercy Holistic Ministry

4049 Marconi Ave,

Sacramento, CA 95821

4. Leave a one-time donation on our website homepage on Giving Tuesday button

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